Tuesday, October 16, 2007

College Update #1

Well... Hmm I'm loving College! I don't think i would rather be doing anything else at this point. It is a great opportunity for me to meet people and as my father is diligently trying to work into my head, gain and education and prepare for a mission. Both of which i feel i am doing to a high degree.

My classes have never been better! I am getting all A's so far. I took a Book of Mormon Test Tonight and received 95% on it. WOW! I Love It! My teacher is amazing he always brings the spirit into the class and lets it take over. Not only that but i look up to him for the great accomplishments he has made and for the excitement he instills in his students to serve an honorable mission.

My Child Development Class Is Great! I taugh the class about Teaching Infants sign language on monday and Recieved a 99% on my Presentation. I was way shocked. But she thouroughly enjoyed my presentation.

In My weight training class i am getting higher and higher in the weights. We had a pre mid-term test this last monday and i Lifted much more on certain lifts than i thought i could.

Lat Pull Downs:200
Military Press:160
Tricept Ext.:180

I was feeling pretty good when i walked out of that class. Somethings i definitely need a lot more work but as you can see i'm doing pretty good in other areas.

Other than classes a love the atmosphere here in idaho! It is wonderful! Nothing has ever compared in my life. As my missionary Book of Mormon Teacher was telling us one of his students said it was like living EFY for 14 weeks. It truly is. The spirit is amazing and people's attitudes make me smile. I Love it! I Love FHE i Love my ward i love the friends i have and again i wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

Oh. I also let Sarah and Laurel Cut my hair a little while ago. They did pretty good but i still need a real haircut. I'm pretty sure they just like being able to play hairdresser. It was fun and turned out ok!
i am trying to grow some killer sideburns. They are growing in thicker and thicker every month... lol. I'm trying. Its not working as fast or as well as i would like but i'm trying.

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