Monday, July 23, 2007

MMS Ringtones.

So. I got a new phone. The Samsung Sync with ATT.

While in the store i recieved a free ringtone with the purchase of my new phone. I wanted to badly to get more ringtones without paying $3 a ringtone. So i was looking all over for MMS. My plan has free MMS. i tried sending it through email and miserably failed. UNTIL! i noticed that each message i sent from my phone to my email had a different email. 503******
503****** and

once i found out that the mms had a different email, i sent the audio files as attatchments to the email. Using Gmail. It worked! I now have 15 new ringtones. :)

Gathering mp3 ringtones from websites such as

or you can download a program and edit the audio file to whatever peice in the song you like. Most ringtones are around 25 seconds. and search for Goldwave Audio there you can edit the files yourself.

1)Get service MMS email for your phone number (send an mms to you email from your phone)
2)Gather MP3 or MIDI ringtones (download to a new file to attatch later)
3)Attatch file in email.
4) Once recieved on phone wait until it plays then/ or options save items.

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